How to perform an SEO Audit on your Website

In this article we are going to show you how to perform an SEO audit on your website. Before you dive into your SEO campaign, it is important to get an understanding of the SEO issues that are affecting your site. We perform a major SEO Audit on our clients websites to uncover easy SEO fixes that can boast rankings quickly. 

The Website Auditor software in SEO Power Suite is great software to quickly and easily uncover on page SEO issues on your website. This is an example of our SEO to do list when run through when we start a new SEO project:

  • Does the website contain ‘thin’ pages?
  • Duplicate page (pages with identical content),
  • Site contains hidden content,
  • Pages without optimisation,
  • Pages with missing H1 tags, or multiple H1 tags,
  • Check pages CTR on higher ranking pages,
  • No custom 404 pages,
  • Site pages are returning server errors,

Step 1: Indexing and Crawlability Audit

In this guide we will be using Website Tracker found in the SEO PowerSuite package. If you haven’t downloaded SEO Power Suite, read this article to learn how.

The first step is to do an Indexing and crawlability audit which will uncover problems the Google bot might encounter when crawling your website. We won’t be covering how to fix any of the indexing and crawlability issues as there is too many to cover. If you encounter any errors of warnings, do a Google search on how to fix them.

To start open Website Tracker and enter your website URL and run the website audit. Website tracker will bring up a list of issue affecting the SEO on your site. You can click on the error or warning to get a description what it is about.

How to perform an SEO Audit on your Website


Step 2: On-page SEO content Audit

After you have performed an Indexing and Crawlability audit, you will need to an On-page SEO audit. This audit will uncover on-page SEO issues your website has for your target keywords. We will cover how to fix these issues in the next module.

From the last step click on ‘Content Analysis’ in the left-hand side menu. From here you will be promoted to enter a list of your target keywords. If you don’t have a list of target keywords, you can learn how to perform keyword research by reading this module.

Once you have run the report you will be given a list of SEO issues for a particular page based on the keywords.

On-page SEO audit

Image: How to perform an SEO Audit on your website.


These are the best auditors to run to see the current SEO issues on your website. Although this guide on how to perform an SEO Audit on your Website is simple, it will be enough to find potential SEO issues. Although we won’t be covering how to fix the Indexing and Crawablity issues in this SEO step by step guide, we will be covering how to fix on-page content related SEO issues found in step 2 of this guide.

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