Small Business Website Design Examples

If you’re a small business owner getting found online can be a great source of revenue for you. However, getting found is only half the battle with generating business online. Having a website that sets your business aside form your competition can ensure potential customers contact you first.

In this article we are going to look at a few small business website design examples and discuss what makes these websites great. These are all website that have been designed by our company, Rhythm Design & Marketing so if you like what you see, be sure to get in contact with us.


Cardiff Signs

The Cardiff Signs website is an example of a design with a side navigation on the left of the screen. The side navigation displays on any screen larger than 1024px this is usually desktops and laptops. When the screen size is smaller than 1024px the side navigation turns into a header menu which is perfect for displaying the website on tablet and mobile.

On this small business website, we included a slide show on the home screen to show of the work and give the site a bit of colour. We made it easy to navigate by displaying all the services the business offers on the home page. Considering they are a signwriting business we included a gallery of projects for website visitors to view.

We included the phone number on the side menu as well as an online quote page to encourage potential customers to engage with the business. This small business website design example is simple yet impressive and is a great option for business owners on a budget.

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small business website design examples


Newcastle City Dental

This was a website we built for a newly established dental practice. There were several dental clinics in the area, so we needed to create something that would really stand out. We used an animated slideshow on the home page which can easily be update by staff to promote the current specials.

Considering the number of services offered by the dental clinic we build a custom menu to make it easer for visitors to find what they are looking for. A common complaint about websites is not being able to find the information easily. With this menu we included links to the page subheadings, so users didn’t have to scroll through each page to find the information they were looking for.

We integrated the website with an online booking system which allows patients to make bookings online and ensures clients aren’t double booked. We also included live chat on the website which allows visitors to instantly message the receptionist if they have any questions. This is a small business website design example that focuses on improving the user experience and making it easer to book appointments.

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small business website design examples



TravelEd is a small travel agency that specialises in educational travel for schools. They operate in a highly competitive industry and therefore want to stand out online. As a new business they were on a budget and wanted the ability to update the website themselves. To reduce the cost, we used a template website design. A template website design is a premade layout that we customise to create a completely unique website.

The TravelEd website has a custom content management system which makes it easy for the business owners to update the content on their website with no prior web management knowledge. This is the only small business website design example in the list that has a content management system; since the other businesses didn’t need to update their information.

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small business website design examples



Sometimes small business owners just need a something so their potential customers and employee can look them up. In these situations, the website doesn’t need to be flashy, it just needs to be basic and easy to use.

Out of all the small business website design examples this was the cheapest and fastest to put together. It is a basic six-page website that includes information about the company, a form were people can submit their resume and contact details. The home page is minimalistic and includes a slideshow of photos of the city the business is located in.

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The Africa Solution

Although this is a website for a charity, it is a perfect small business website design example built by our company. It is easy to navigate and uses visual features to enhance the user experience. The header has a call-to-action button that promotes the visitors to donate to the cause. This style call to action can be used from all types of business, for example, book now, contact us, pay now, sign up etc.

On the what we do page we included a unique feature called a circular slide show. This was done to visually demonstrate how the charity works. This same feature could be used on a small business website to display products, services, team members or the companies process.

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