Top Website Designs in the world

In our time as a website design agency we have come across some amazing websites that we would consider digital art. We are always searching the web for new ideas and inspiration for our designs. We decided to compile a list of our favour designs which we have dubbed ‘top website designs in the world’. When evaluating these websites, we took into consideration the following elements:


Website Aesthetics

The first criteria for evaluation is the general aesthetics of the website, how nice it looks, use of colours, fonts etc. This is the first impression a user will get of the website. You have 5 seconds to impress your visitors, so having a website that stands out is extremely important for engagement.



A pretty website will only get you so far. The next thing we looked at is the websites usability. This is how easy the website is to navigate and achieve the task at hand. With some of the top website designs, developers can get carried away with animation and the site becomes very hard to use. This will of course make people leave the site.


Technical Feature

The last judging criteria is the technical features the website has. This includes things from website animation, difficultly to build as well as aspects like the website loading speed. We also consider how well the website works on different screen sizes such as tablets and smart phones and different internet browsers.


Our 2018 List of Top Website Designs in the World

This is our list of top websites deigns in the world. These are some designs we have come across and been blown away. We did not design or build any of these websites and they are in no particular order. Enjoy.


Volt for Drive

What we love about this website is how engaging it is. The design is interactive yet simple. It is easy to navigate and really stands out to us. The website looks great on all devices and loads fast meaning it offers a good balance between all the important factors.


Black Messiah

We really liked this website page preloaded. The design is great, however it did take a littler longer to load then the ideal time. We weren’t sure what was going on with the website at first, but when it loaded it was really cool. It has a really advanced design; however, we have no idea what the website was about. The site still is impressive.


Defy the Current

This website is all around impressive. It is easy to use, easy to understand and technically sound. We love the vertical slide show and the video background on the second slide. This site loads quickly and looks great on mobile and tablet.


Conti Ducco

Conti Ducco is a website that uses a horizontal slider with parallax effect. Out of all the designs it’s probably on of the more basic ones, yet it is still great. It is easy to navigate and loads fast which are important factors for every website.


Some Extras Website to Check Out

Our list of top website designs in the world wouldn’t be complete without these honorary mentions.


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