In addition to building your website, we can help you with your domain name registration, hosting and business emails. We simplify all the complicated stuff so there is nothing to worry about.


A business email is simply an email address specifically for your business. A business email will follow the following format Business emails are a necessity for any business owner, we can set up business emails for you and your employees.


Hosting refers to the web server that stores the data of a websites. A web server is like a huge hard drive owned by a hosting company that rents out space to website owners to allow them to store their websites data there. Quality hosting is extremely important to ensure your website runs smoothly without interruption. We tested a lot of hosting companies over the years and we source high quality hosting from the best company we have used. You can rest assure your website will have minimal down time, run extremely fast and have an SSL security certificate installed if you host your website through us.


A domain name refers to the address of a website such as When a domain name is registered, it gives the registrar the sole ownership to that domain name. No one else has access to it, making it important to register all necessary domain names for your business. We can take care of all your domain name registrations at an affordable price.

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