A major benefit of digital marketing is the ability to track the performance of marketing campaigns. Performance tracking software gives us significant insights into the success of a campaign, so we can make improvements.We take the confusion out of performance tracking to deliver the information you truly care about. At the start of a project we will discuss your business goals establish key performance indicators to ensure we are helping you reach your goals.


Google Analytics is a software service developed by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It is the most widely used website analytics service available due to its versatility and tracking capabilities. With Google Analytics we can review digital marketing campaigns by trafficking land page quality and conversions. We establish key performance metrics based on our client’s goals, these can include sales, lead generation, viewing a certain page, using a contact form or downloading a file. Our sole aim when using Google Analytics is to improve the customer experience. The last thing you want is your customers abandoning your website because it is not user friendly.


Depending on your target market, we will use different platforms to drive potential customers to your websites. The various marketing platforms we use all have different tracking data which provide us with valuable insights into the campaign. For example, if we are running Facebook advertisements, we can track the percentage of people the see your ads and click on them, or the average number of times a user has viewed your ad. This information is vital for both us and our clients to improving marketing campaigns.


We can provide monthly reports of your websites performance in an easy to read format. Our monthly reports are customised to your needs, so you can share the insights with leaders in your company.