Managing a website can be very time consuming and complex task. We appreciate there are areas within your business that are a priority to you. Our website maintenance and support service is all you need to keep your website running perfect and up to date. We understand every business has a unique set of needs which is why all our support packages are customised for each client; we don’t believe in the one-size-fits all approach. We offer monthly packages as well as an ad-hoc service for clients that need irregular updates.


It is extremely important to back up your website and server regularly. If your website files become corrupt, there is an issue with hosting, or your website is attacked by a hacker, it is imperative to have a clean backup file stored on a remote device ready to be uploaded. Regular backups can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of lost time, don’t risk losing all your emails and website data.


Depending on your target market, we will use different platforms to drive potential customers to your websites. The various marketing platforms we use all have different tracking data which provide us with valuable insights into the campaign. For example, if we are running Facebook advertisements, we can track the percentage of people the see your ads and click on them, or the average number of times a user has viewed your ad. This information is vital for both us and our clients to improving marketing campaigns.


We can provide monthly reports of your websites performance in an easy to read format. Our monthly reports are customised to your needs, so you can share the insights with leaders in your company.