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Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is a marketing structure that guides a prospect through a systematic process with the objective of buying your product or service. The necessity to build an effective ‘sales funnel’ is crucial for your business to entice and convert new customers and keep them coming back for more.


What Is a Sales Funnel & Do You Need One?

The logic behind a sales funnel is to convert a lead into a prospect, then a prospect into a customer, which becomes a repeat customer buying over and over again. Sales funnels have been around for a long time, but since the introduction of a variety of online marketing tools they have seen an increase in popularity due to the high success rate.

Sales funnels work quiet simply, anyone who is interest in your product or service is known as a lead. The first step in the sales funnel is to engage with the lead by capturing their contact details using what is known as a lead magnet. A lead magnet attracts prospects (potential customers) by offering something of value to them in exchange for their contact details. For example, if you sell Golf gear you could offer a free guide to improve your putt. Anyone that downloads this guide obviously has an interest in Golf and is therefore a prospective customer. To download the guide users will have to provide their name and email address.

Now with your prospects details collected, you can start marketing to them via email. The objective here is to have your prospects convert to customers. This method is seen as very cost effective because once you have collected your prospects contact details you can market to them for free. This way you can keep your prospects up to date with any promotions you are running without having to pay for advertising.

Sales funnels are great because they prevent you from wasting time and money marketing to people who aren’t interested in your product or service, and allow you to focus on the potential customers.

How we can help

The more well defined your lead generation tactics, landing pages and follow up emails are, the greater your chances are to engage qualified prospects and customers. We specialise in building start to finish sales funnels for all type of business. Our sales funnels include building landing pages, creating lead magnets (eg. writing guides etc.) as well as follow up emails necessary to convert leads into customers.


Implement some of the most effective strategies proven to close more deals for your business.


We build sales funnels that are tailor made to suit your business, no matter what the product or service is, how much it cost, we can build an effective strategy.


Education sells, by educating your potential customer you can capture leads and close more deals.


Qualifying is the art of determining if someone is a potential customer. We offer a strategic approach to qualifying your prospects.

Our Promise to You

We will build a custom made sales funnel for your business, not a 'one size fits all' funnel.

Our Skills

The online world is forever changing, to ensure we maintain a high standard of quality we focus on developing our skills by attending training courses with some of the industries leaders in website technology. Growing the knowledge within the Rhythm Websites team is one of our main priorities.